Category: ASP.NET

If you want to try the new hype about WebAssembly in .NET and C# salsa, you can now easily install the new experimental Microsoft project called Blazor and start playing with it.

Managing the development of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core apps can become a daunting task, in these days, due to the well-known, needful but painful move from “project.json” to “.csproj” file. Read how to survive and succeed with multiple versions of Visual Studio, .NET Core and SDK that can be installed SxS (side by side).

On the ASP.NET vNext version, one of the Microsoft efforts is to create a great command line experience. In this post I will describe some exoteric syntax of Windows Batch Scripting (like Call operator and Percent-Tilde operator) that will help command line rookies to read and understand some important batch commands, like KVM.cmd.