Author: Nicolò Carandini

Since the advent of Windows 10 IoT Core, I’ve always dreamed to see the video output of my Raspberry Pi 2 on my PC screen, as we do with Remote Desktop for VMs and remote servers. Finally, we can do it!

On my previous post, I’ve showed how to use the Dashboard app to install the latest Release version, but to explore the latest features (like the new remote display) or the latest version of Raspberry Pi (like the Raspberry Pi 3) you’ll need to install the Insider Preview version.

Installing the Windows 10 IoT Core is much easier than before, thanks to the new IoT Dashboard App. Let’s see how it works.

So I did found a nice 7″ Display for my Windows 10 IoT Raspberry Pi 2. Ok, the display works. However, how about the touch functionality?

If you’d like to have a nice 7” touch display connected to your Raspberry Pi 2, you can easily pick one from Amazon. Read the full story to get all the details.

I cannot put it simpler than that: you can install Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 directly from Visual Studio itself.

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