Author: Nicolò Carandini

If you want to try the new hype about WebAssembly in .NET and C# salsa, you can now easily install the new experimental Microsoft project called Blazor and start playing with it.

If you need Hyper-V turned on while using an Android Emulator, the only way to go is to use the Visual Studio Android Emulator. In this article I explain how to install it with Visual Studio 2017 and how to enable internet connection.

Managing the development of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core apps can become a daunting task, in these days, due to the well-known, needful but painful move from “project.json” to “.csproj” file. Read how to survive and succeed with multiple versions of Visual Studio, .NET Core and SDK that can be installed SxS (side by side).

This is the first of three posts, where I will explain how to use the ADAL package in a multiplatform native app (iOS / Android / UWP) Xamarin Forms solution.

In this post I’ll dig on Xamarin implementation of iOS Protocols and Delegates, and the different options we have on using those implementation on our mobile app.

Localization is not a new task and there is a lot of documents and blog posts about it, but on my experience there is not a unique and comprehensive source about all the aspect related to strings and images localization on all the platforms covered by Xamarin.
In this post I’ll try to illustrate how did I solved it.

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