About me

Nicolò Carandini is a Senior Developer at TPCWare , which he owns , with over 30 years of experience in the design and development of management software . In the early 80s he worked as a consultant for Apple Italy for networking with legacy systems at the University of Rome and the SIP (later Telecom) . He later worked for other institutional clients such as INPS, Finmeccanica , Italstat and STET , as well as many other private clients on Apple and Windows , with a plurality of systems and development languages ​​such as assembler for Z80 , Basic and Pascal of Apple // , the DBIII , Clipper and Delphi , to finally get to C# and .NET framework. Over the last few years he has worked on a project to project management platform CAD SketchUp Ruby , Javascript and JQuery , with backend developed in C # , Silverlight, and SQL Server. Passionate on C#, Silverlight and XAML, is currently responsible for developing universal Windows apps and (with Xamarin tools) apps for other mobile platforms like iOS and Android.



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